Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Newage Florists

There are innumerous florists in Melbourne and most of them have been doing the business admirably   .  Flowers are the best gifts and that is why people all over the world buy them for various functions like birthdays, wedding days, and anniversaries and even for funerals. They are also the favourite among the people who are in love and so men buy them for their girl friends, wives and fiancĂ©es. All the colours of the flowers symbolises different meanings for example yellow  stands for camaraderie and so Daffodils  are gifted to friends and white symbolises sympathy and so Lilies are give n during funerals. Red represents perfect love and are so Red roses are given to lovers.

The requirement of flowers has become so huge that nowadays online florists business is thriving and they deliver the flowers at very cheap rates.  The unique selling point of this business is that one can simply log on to the website of the florist , select the flowers from the attractive photos present there and place the order and the flowers would be delivered anywhere in the country or abroad. The only drawback being that one would not be able to touch or smell the flowers. The ordered flowers are delivered to the mentioned address in a very carefully packed condition.  These facilities are very helpful to all mainly the people who are on the move and don’t have time to go to the florist shop for selection. Some of the florists even deliver the flowers on the same day if they are ordered before a particular time which is mentioned on the website.

The floral arrangements which you order online from some florists have a photo of the bouquet  which is meant to be similar but not an exact image of the flowers which the  gift recipient will receive. If someone has ordered a very specific arrangement, which includes a stuffed bear or a particular vase, then the company will pass on the order to a florist who offers that exact arrangement and has the exact requirement of the client as shown on the website. Sometimes on the other hand, if a more general arrangement like seasonal tulips or lilies is ordered, the local florist shop may make slight adjustments to the arrangement to suit their own inventory.

Florists Melbourne are online and have the abilities  to service a much larger market than local florists, so bulk of the floral business nowadays handled by them. Many large online companies make use of local florists as affiliates to create a network that extends all over Australia as well as the world which is mutually beneficial to the parent company and all of its affiliates. Local florists on the other hand have the disadvantage of being limited to local customers only and so partnership with big online florist companies ultimately gets them lot of business. 

Some big companies in fact directly send the bouquets to the consumer from their farm which saves them time and also delivery costs.

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